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Together with Maker Nexus and over 500 makers in the bay area, we were able to hit the demand and produce over 200,000 face shields! As of right now we are holding production, but stay tuned by following us on social media to learn if we ned more parts made!



The rapid spread of coronavirus in the US has left many hospitals with shortages of supplies to protect people on the front lines. This said, The Maker community is still doing what it does best - we're using opensource philosophy and crowdsourcing to make our own face shields for local hospitals and test centers. Keep reading to learn how you can help!


This full-face mask design is relatively quick and easy to print. All you have to do is download the STLs for the bottom reinforcement, print the parts, and fill out the appropriate form below to coordinate us picking up your parts!

UPDATE: We have gotten a factory to injection mold the headband. Please ONLY PRINT THE BOTTOM REINFORCEMENT!

Other Recources

We are using the Prusa model to make mass production easy, but there are other opensourced models and forms of PPE available. A database of many of these has been compiled by Luke Liechty of the Stanford Design School

Other Makerspaces/groups:

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Send us pictures of your Prints!

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