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Machine of the Week: Button Maker

What's up everyone!!! Today, we're going to feature one of the many machines here at MakeX: the button maker!

The button maker does what you would expect. It makes buttons. Wow, big surprise, am I right? Anyways, you use the computers to find your button design online and then print it out. Then, you cut out your design and then you can actually start using it.

You first load the button shell into the shallow die, and then put your photo and a protective film in. You turn it around and then push down. But the button is gone! Where did it go! Well, it's still in the machine, but the three things have been combined into a mold and it stays in the press. You then put the back of the button in the deeper die, turn the machine again and push again. And now you have your button!

The button maker is really easy to use and you can use it to make, (you guessed it), buttons and pins like the ones below. It doesn't have to be just Beatles or dog or you stuff though.

Thanks for reading and a big shout-out to Western Carolina University for giving me all the techy terms for the button maker! See you next week!!!

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