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Welcome to MakeX! We are proudly the nation's first teen-founded-teen-run, free-access, community makerspace, or for short, NFTFTRFACM!



We are committed to forming a community of creative minds. Our mentor team is dedicated to helping every visitor with their projects and ensuring they feel welcome in the maker community.


Tool Access

We provide access to state-of-the-art tools, software, and materials such as laser cutters, 3D printers, woodshop tools, and more... for FREE!


Project-based Learning

Learn to make and make to learn! We encourage our visitors to use projects as a means of education through our workshops.


What we do & why we do it

When can I come?

MakeX has no appointments, just come by and get making! We are open on Fridays from 4pm to 6pm and Saturdays from 11am to 2pm. You are not allowed in unless wearing a mask. We are located in the V building in Cubberley Community Center

4000 Middlefield Road

Palo Alto, CA, 94306

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