Current Mentors:

From artists to engineers, our mentor team is built up of talented, passionate, creative teens from around the bay area. The mentors are responsible for everything that goes on at MakeX from day-to-day tasks such as staffing and shop maintenance, to finance, recruiting and training, and more.

Scroll down to learn more about our mentors and hear an inspirational quote from each one!

Yonatan Maor

Yonatan is a senior at Gunn High School who loves rockets, robots, and mushrooms. His favorite things to make at MakeX are earrings and last-minute secret Santa presents. Yon is also on FRC team 192 (see the hair) and Gunn Aero (see the rocket).

"You know what Freud said about rockets..." - Yonatan Maor

John Lu

Johnathon’s most treasured moment is someone getting his name spelled correctly the first time. He is also prone to starting projects and giving up halfway through after realizing how hard it actually is. On Saturdays after MakeX, you can find him working with the rocketry team of Gunn with fellow mentors Noah and Yonatan.

“Very Cool” – Johnathon Lu

Arunim Agarwal

Hola (hello in spanish), I'm Arunim and I'm currently a senior at Gunn High School, interested in industrial design and math. I love to spend my time at MakeX working with different people and creating all sorts of things. When I'm not busy working on projects there, I enjoy learning card tricks and running cross-country.

"(peace emoji)" - Arunim Agarwal

Nicholas Mo

I’m Nicholas, a Junior at PALY whose hobbies include design and fashion. At MakeX, my favorite tool would definitely be the laser cutter. I love building things that are useful, so most of my personal projects are aimed at creating quality of life improvements, such as a watch stands or organization trays.

"I'm going to laser cut an anime girl" - Nicholas Mo

Sofia Little

Sofia’s favorite food is sushi, specifically cucumber sushi. Her favorite projects often include lots of woodworking, but end up taking a lot of time to complete as she is also very good at procrastinating. Outside of MakeX she enjoys building sets for theater productions, and drinking boba.

"good job team" - Sofia Little

Noah Milivojevic

Noah is a junior at Gunn, and enjoys CAD, programming, and building model rockets. When not at MakeX, Noah contributes to the Wintergatan marble machine CAD project, as well as playing the saxophone.

"Yeet" - Noah Milivojevic

Past Mentors (<3)

Aashai Avadhani

Annalee Soohoo

Benji Nio

Claire Kokontis

David Anwyl

Dhara Yu

Gregory Xie

Isabella Yu

Jevan Yu

Kai Gallagher

Kesi Soundararajan

Kevin Dee

Maria Ramon

Michael Wang

Peter Turnbull

Richa Krishna

Takaaki Sagawa

William Meng

Yonatan Maor


James Wang

Jeremy Trilling

Nathan Kau

The guy who pays for the website

Also Nathan Kau