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Current Mentors

From artists to engineers, our mentor team consists of passionate, talented and creative teens from all around the Bay Area. Mentors are responsible for all day-to-day MakeX tasks such as staffing, shop maintenance, finance, recruiting and training, and more.

Past Mentors <3

Aashai Avadhani

Aditi Jain

Annalee Soohoo

Arunim Agarwal

Benji Nio

Claire Kokontis

David Anwyl

Dhara Yu

Gregory Xie

Isabella Yu

Jevan Yu

Johnathon Lu

Kai Gallagher

Kesi Soundararajan

Kevin Dee


Maria Ramon

Michael Wang

Nicholas Mo

Peter Turnbull

Richa Krishna

Takaaki Sagawa

William Meng

Weijing Chen

Yonatan Maor

Sofia Little

Noah Mililvojevic

Eli Gaskin

Founders <3

James Wang

​Jeremy Trilling

Nathan Kau

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