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What is MakeX?

MakeX offers free access to cutting edge tools in a casual, peer-driven environment. With funding and support from the City of Palo Alto, MakeX provides teenage visitors with the opportunity to learn how to use tools and software under the guidance of teen mentors, or work individually on their own projects.

X marks the spot on a treasure map. X is the variable, and the question. X is mystery, and to the teens from the organization, MakeX, X is the swords, maglev trains, and wooden racecars built in their makerspace


Our Mission

MakeX aims to bring the daunting but immeasurably rewarding world of making to the community. For years, the maker movement has been thriving, offering thousands with the satisfaction, education, and self-sufficiency gained from making instead of consuming. However, this movement has long been inaccessible to those who could perhaps benefit from it most. At MakeX, we believe that by helping community members to discover their inner capability for creation and innovation, we are cultivating the confidence needed to thrive after high school in our generation and in ourselves. 

MakeX Culture

MakeX is unique because we are one of the few education programs that is uninhibited by the stifling practice of constant instruction. Our pedagogical philosophy is that, given a climate that encourages independence, anyone can master their inherent ability to create and inspire creativity in others. 

We're in the news!

Palo Alto Online

"In a cluttered classroom at Cubberley Community Center last Friday afternoon, the sound of smooth jazz was playing in the background as a group of high school students labored over various projects. One watched a 3-D printer start to slowly print mini human-shaped figures for a foosball table he's making from scratch. Across the room, two teens chatted back and forth before carefully measuring plywood that later that day would become a tall, sturdy shelf."


"Alternative Spaces," Palo Alto Online Letter to the Editor

"While traditional therapy may be effective when individuals muster up the courage to seek assistance, casual environments like MakeX that provide shelter from stress are comparably therapeutic, easily accessible and don't carry the stigma of "getting help." I hope Palo Alto continues to fund similar student-run spaces in the future."



"X marks the spot on a treasure map. X is the variable, and the question. X is mystery, and to the teens from the organization, MakeX, X is the swords, maglev trains, and wooden racecars built in their makerspace"


Palo Alto Pulse

"While schools and youth centers are investing in 3-D printers, laser cutters and other tools of the maker movement, one element is often missing in these spaces: youth leadership."

ABC7 News

There is a dangerous shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for doctors and nurses during the COVID-19 crisis. But a group of high school students in Palo Alto, Calif. are doing their part to help the cause.

Awards & Milestones
  • Urban Libraries Council — 2014 Top Innovator

  • Bryant Street Garage Fund Impact Award

  • Presented to delegation from UAE Ministry of Education

  • Breakout session leader at Teen Tech SF conference

  • Demonstrator at Mitchell Park Library Grand Opening

  • Demonstrator at Rinconada Library Grand Opening

  • Stanford international student outreach program demonstrator

  • Presented at Stanford's FabLearn Conference (2015, 2016)

  • Demonstrated for DreamCatchers (2015, 2016)

  • Hosted Girls Make Workshop

  • Co-ran mechanical design workshop with the Tesseract Initiative

We hope you've enjoyed learning about us, and we'd love to learn more abut you! Drop by during our open hours to hang out and make cool things!

MakeX Palo Alto


Wednesday: 4:15pm-6pm (general public)

Friday: 4:15pm–6pm (high school students)

Saturday: 11am–2pm (general public)


Cubberley Community Center, Room V

4000 Middlefield Road

Palo Alto, CA 94306

Email: makexpaloalto@gmail.com

Fax: (011) 899-988-199-911-9725-3

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MakeX is a program of the City of Palo Alto.
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The official MakeX makerspace is funded and supported by the City of Palo Alto.

The website makexpaloalto.org is managed by student mentors in coordination with the City of Palo Alto.